24kt Gold Teeth Whitening Gel (5ml)

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REAL 24kt GOLD Teeth Whitening Gel!

Upgrade your Clients Teeth Whitening Experience!

You can now chose to offer a LUXURY 24k Gold Teeth Whitening Gel Solution!

Each Syringe contains 5ml of 24kt Gold Teeth Whitening Solution and comes in A Dual Barrel Syringe. *Each syringe purchased will come with 2 disposable syringe tips specifically made for a dual barrel syringe.

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Buy 10 for $300

Benefits of 24K Gold Teeth Whitening :

24K Gold has bacteriostatic properties that help control oil bacteria

24K Gold is most gentle for teeth and helps with SENSITIVITY

·EACH syringe contains approximately 0.06 Carats of 24K Gold

Gold has been used by Dentists, as it is the most biocompatible mineral on earth