Pre Whitening Swabs (14)

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Pre Teeth Whitening Swabs are best used prior to a Teeth Whitening.

Pack includes 14 Swabs.

  • The Pre Teeth Whitening Swabs  non-peroxide formula can be used as often as desired!
  • This product hydrates the tooth surface, blocking transient dentinal hypersensitivity associated with teeth whitening procedure
  • The Pre Teeth Whitening Swabs  help to remove stains from tooth enamel, porcelain or acrylic


  1. Hold dispenser at the collar in the middle, keeping the cotton swab at the top.
  2. With the other hand, grasp midpoint of the lower hollow shaft and slide it up slowly and smoothly until the cotton swab becomes moistened with liquid.
  3. Use the swab tip to lightly scrub and apply the liquid on the front surfaces of all teeth to be whitened.


Apply swab to teeth in a gentle scrubbing motion. We recommend doing so to each tooth or porcelain restoration for 5 seconds in a circular motion or until stains are lightened.

Apply as many times as needed just prior to the application of ANY teeth whitening gel.