Wireless Teeth Whitening Kits - (10 Units)

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Our Wireless Teeth Whitening Kits come boxed with User manual, Shade guide, Three 35%CP Teeth Whitening Pens , A wireless LED light with a charger. LED light has 2 light settings - blue and blue red light settings.

Kits can be sold by Professional Teeth Whitening Technicians to their clients for maintenance or to clients who are unable to book a teeth whitening session with a technician.

Take Your Teeth Whitening Business to the next level!

All Teeth Whitening Kits come UNBRANDED, which means they are shipped to you ready for you to customize yourself with your Brand  via a sticker. *Example of Branding it yourself in Video

 Sold in Units of 10 

MSRP  $69 - $120 Each